WordPress GPL Week on WPblogger.com

WordPress GPL Week on WPblogger!

by Ben Cook on February 22, 2010

I once wrote that the General Public License (better known as the GPL) is the third rail of the WordPress community.

While that may very well be true, I’ve decided to grab it & hold on for dear life… at least for the next week.

In the great tradition of Rivalry Week, Shark Week & Passover (cut me some slack there’s a surprising shortage of famous weeks), I’ve decided to institute an annual GPL Week here on WPblogger.

I’ve got some interviews lined up with well known supporters & detractors of the GPL, I’ve got a rant that I’ve been storing up for way too long, and if you play your cards right I might finish up with a GPL Roundup Resource with more links to GPL discussions than could ever be useful.

So either sit back & grab some popcorn, or lace up your online boxing gloves cause you’ll have plenty of chances to duke it out. Either way you play it, I hope you enjoy the ride.

GPL Week Links

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DanielthePoet February 22, 2010 at 11:19 am

Looking forward to it. I’d like to see some respectable people duke it out in front of me, allowing me to self-educate in an entertaining fashion.

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