WordPress 2.8 Now Live

by Ben Cook on June 10, 2009

The newest version of WordPress (v 2.8) has been officially released.

Most users probably won’t notice all that much of a difference from 2.7. However you WordPress developers out there are going to have plenty of changes to catch up on.

Thankfully, WordPress put out this handy video explaining exactly what’s been changed:

While updating WordPress used to actually involve some work, thanks to the automatic upgrade feature that was incorporated in 2.7 the process has been simplified into just a few clicks.

Backup Your Blog

One word of caution for you though, be sure to backup your blog as prompted when going through the upgrade process. It only takes a few more seconds and if anything should ever happen to your blog, trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

There’s absolutely NOTHING worse than losing your site to a hacker or some sort of hardware failure and knowing that you had several chances to back things up. And yes, unfortunately I’m speaking from experience.

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