Tweetish - a free Thesis Skin by

Tweetish – A Free Thesis Skin

by Ben Cook on April 8, 2010

As many of you probably know, a new version of the Thesis theme (1.7) was released recently with a whole host of new options and features. One of those features is a built in settings importer which makes installing skins an insanely quick process. To celebrate, I’ve decided to release my 5th free Thesis skin. […]

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WPblogger Goes on Camera

How to Use Dynamic Content Gallery

by Ben Cook on March 9, 2010

For those of you who have seen my Thesis skins, you’ve probably noticed the content slider section at the top of the home page on many of the designs. That slider is made possible by the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin, or DCG for short. While I love the plugin, there are a ton of options […]

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Thesis theme creator, Chris Pearson, on the GPL

The GPL is Legal Castration

by Ben Cook on March 1, 2010

Throughout GPL Week we’ve dealt with WordPress developers that have adopted the GPL for their products. Today, we’re going to talk to someone who not only refused to use the license, but has been a vocal opponent of it. Chris Pearson, the creator of the Thesis theme, has spoken out several times against use of […]

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So far in GPL Week we’ve heard from three WordPress theme developers and their perspectives on one of the most divisive topics in the WordPress community. Today, however, we have the pleasure of hearing from plugin developer Carl Hancock, one of the creators of Gravity Forms. While the GPL debate is most often discussed in […]

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Jason Schuller GPL Interview

GPL In Practice: An Interview with Jason Schuller

by Ben Cook on February 26, 2010

So far in GPL Week we’ve heard from two WordPress theme developers that have embraced the General Public License and plan to continue operating under it. Today, however, we’re talking with Jason Schuller of press75 and soon to be ThemeGarden. Jason adopted the GPL for his themes at press75 but has been fairly vocal about […]

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WordPress GPL week continues

GPL In Practice: an Interview with Magnus Jepson

by Ben Cook on February 24, 2010

Premium WordPress theme design company, WooThemes, made a big splash last year by announcing their embrace of the GPL. Despite being able to see some of Brian Gardner’s experience there were still a lot of unknowns going into the new licensing model. I sent Magnus Jepson, one of the WooThemes’ founders, the same 5 questions […]

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GPL Interview with Brian Gardner

GPL in Practice: an Interview with Brian Gardner

by Ben Cook on February 22, 2010

While there have been a ridiculous number of words wasted written about WordPress & the GPL in theory, there hasn’t been nearly as much discussion of the GPL when it’s actually put into practice. To get a better idea of how the GPL actually impacts the WordPress community, I asked Brian Gardner of StudioPress a […]

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WordPress GPL Week on

WordPress GPL Week on WPblogger!

by Ben Cook on February 22, 2010

I once wrote that the General Public License (better known as the GPL) is the third rail of the WordPress community. While that may very well be true, I’ve decided to grab it & hold on for dear life… at least for the next week. In the great tradition of Rivalry Week, Shark Week & […]

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WordPress Security is a Joke (2.9.2 Released)

by Ben Cook on February 16, 2010

WordPress' Security is a Joke

WordPress 2.9.2 was released yesterday and in following the recent trend, it contained a security patch. It would seem that the idiot-proofing “feature” of sending posts to the trash instead of deleting them permanently allows logged in users to see the posts. You can read all the details over on Thomas Mackenzie’s blog but basically […]

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Affiliate Skin for the Thesis Theme

Affiliate Skin for Thesis – Updated

by Ben Cook on January 31, 2010

* This Thesis Skin has been updated. Scroll down for update details. *

Well folks, I’ve been at it again. I’ve created another free thesis skin!

Now I know, this blog is about WordPress and there’s actually been a release (version 2.8.6) since my last post but to be honest, the news in the WordPress world hasn’t really been all that exciting to me lately.

I mean, how many GPL and Update your Installs type of posts do you guys really want to read anyway? So instead, I decided to spend my time creating something that I hope most of you will get some actual use out of.

Now of course, if you haven’t listened to my constant gushing about Thesis and you’re still not using it, well I just don’t know what to do with you.

For the rest of you, I’m pleased to introduce the Affiliate Skin for Thesis!

Affiliate Skin

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