Essential Plugins for Your WordPress Toolbox

by Ben Cook on June 10, 2009

Essential Plugins for your WordPress Toolbox

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet today for one simple reason: versatility.

While the core software is powerful in its own right, it is the wide variety of plugins that allow WordPress to do almost anything users ask of it.

There are literally thousands of plugins with wide ranging effects created by a diverse community of open source developers.

While that diversity produces some amazing results, it unfortunately also means that some of the plugins you’ll find aren’t quite up to snuff or may not even work anymore.

To help you sort your way through all those thousands of plugins, over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be profiling several plugins that we deem essential for almost every installation of WordPress. We’ll show you how to install them, what they do and how to get the best possible results when using them.

We’ll be updating this page linking to each new post in the series. As you can see, first up on the docket is the SEO Smart Links plugin, which will be covered tomorrow.

Essential Plugins

And don’t forget, the newest version of WordPress (2.8) is due out today. We’ll let you know when it’s available for download and what changes you should know about.

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