WordPress 2.8.1 Released (Includes Security Patch)

by Ben Cook on July 9, 2009

WordPress 2.8.1

Just a month after WordPress 2.8 debuted, a new version has been released which includes a security patch.

As the official WordPress announcement states:

“admin pages added by certain plugins could be viewed by unprivileged users, resulting in information being leaked. Not all plugins are vulnerable to this problem, but we advise upgrading to 2.8.1 to be safe.”

The new version also fixes a whole host of other minor issues including:

  • “Dashboard memory usage is reduced.  Some people were running out of memory when loading the dashboard, resulting in an incomplete page.
  • The automatic upgrade no longer accidentally deletes files when cleaning up from a failed upgrade.
  • A problem where the rich text editor wasn’t being loaded due to compression issues has been worked around.
  • Extra security has been put in place to better protect you from plugins that do not do explicit permission checks.”

There are plenty more changes in the release that the geekiest of WordPress geeks among you might appreciate but would probably cause the rest of you to never visit the site again.

Back Up Your Blog!

While upgrading your WordPress installations is pretty much a snap these days, please remember to back up your site on a regular basis and certainly before upgrading.

I’ve said it time and again, backups only take a few minutes to perform & will save you hours if not days or weeks of work should you ever need them.

I’ve never once heard someone say, “man, if only I hadn’t wasted so much time backing up my websites”.

image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/evaekeblad/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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